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Bri & Torey

THANK YOU for joining us on Saturday, September 9, 2017 as we exchanged vows and started our new journey united as one! If you haven't had a chance to read our story, check it out below! 


First met in 2004, at their Alma Mater, Fisk University in Nashville, TN. It was Torey's freshman year and Bri's sophomore year...and no the cradle was not robbed, they are only a few months apart :-)

Both played and traveled with the men and women basketball teams. Often after long days of classes, and then practice, it never failed for them to make a Wendy's run for the usual favorite--chicken nuggets and french fries. Time passes and a solid friendship developed through bad post-workout meals and good conversation. Both graduated and the friendship continued to grow. 

Fast forward some years to a conversation they had about God, love and relationships. Torey expressed a specific prayer he shared with God about sending him his mate. Unknowingly Bri had prayed the same prayer, but guarded it closely to her heart. The friendship grew through much laughter, sharing fond memories experienced while attending Fisk University but most importantly through prayer. One day after they had prayed Torey asked Bri, "Can I have your attention?". This question led to taking their friendship to a different level. Over time, both of them could no longer deny their feelings of love and care. 

Their first date was in Nashville and included all of their favorites...pasta from Demo's, good laughs at a local comedy club, dessert at Mike's Ice Cream Parlor and a long stroll around downtown--it was perfect! More time passes, and Torey moves from his hometown of Nashville to Chicago and quickly learns the meaning of "Windy City". Their weekly date night was approaching and Torey planned THE BEST one of all with the help of family and friends. This particular date night consisted of an all-time cozy favorite which included chinese food, good wine and movies. That evening when Bri arrived home after having a fun-filled girls day out she was greeted at the door by a dapper (and hungry) Torey. She takes note of the details that went into his planning and was really impressed with the setup and layout. Before she could make a full turn to compliment him, she felt a tug on her hand which stopped her in her tracks. Torey was on one knee. Completely surprised, YEP, she lost it and after several speechless screams, happy tears, cheek hurting smiles, and several heart flutters...SHE - SAID - YES! Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to dinner...well, Torey ate and Bri never touched her food because she immediately jumped on the phone to share the news! 

From the beginning Torey and Bri dated with a purpose. They prayed together as friends and continue those prayers with more commitment.

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