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We are STILL truly blessed and grateful for your love, kindness, encouragement, gifts, presence, and support of our journey as husband and wife! As we've already mentioned to you, our wedding day would not have been special without each of you there to help us celebrate! However, we'd like to say thank you (again) to some of our family and close friends outside of the wedding party that played a major role in bringing all of the moving pieces together for one big day: 

Special Cousin to the Bride, Tiffany Bell-Sparks


Opening Prayer, Halleemah Nash

Special Tribute, Michele Chambers

Wedding Escorts, Curtis Nunnery & Julian Nunnery

Special Introduction of the Bride, Justin Fulgham

Marriage Counselors, Pastor Larry Lee

                                                                             Dr. Reverend Regina Davis-Bridges

Event Coordinator, Mari Jozenes

Wedding Party Coordinator, Collette K. Walton


April M. Ajiboye

Ashley Frazier

Jennifer Jenkins

Yetunde Mitchell

Timara Maxwell

Latryce Sharp


John Crutcher

CeDarrion Moseley

George Johnson Jr.

Robbert Liggett

Darrington Sparks

Decor & Props Committee

Bridesmaids & Hostesses

Teresa Barajas

Anita Barajas

Taiyun Tillmon-Banks 

Aneshia J. Titsworth

Chantel Snelling

Temple White

Seamstress, Penny

Friendly staff at Meyers Castle

Meyers Castle Florist, Ralph Leyba

Laine's Bake Shop, Rachel Bernier-Green

Lashaye Beauty, Lauren Mason

Photographer, Arion Davis

Wedding Video, Christopher Gates

DJ Marco, Marc Washington

AGS Photo Booths, Marcus Anthony

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